Monday, April 30, 2012

*Life is in the journey!* ~ Whatever It Takes!

Life's Inspirational Valiant Endeavors
~ Whatever It Takes! ~


We, the storytellers, delight in bringing illumination to the greatest of lies, and when we’re feeling particularly disagreeable with the way of things, as we are sometimes wont to feel, we especially find our peace in the unraveling of those festering subtleties of truth. And though we accomplish this by introducing our own truth, our own voice to the page, our actions offer the same to those who do not have a voice or are, not-so-simply, afraid to use it.

I think often about the subject of my writing, whether it serves as entertainment (I can dream) or even for the purpose of raising awareness, but never do I wonder about the reasons why I write. There is only one answer to that question, and it sure doesn’t feel as though it’s of my own making. Though, I often wish my inner voice was more prolific on the page, I realize, it just is what it is. Or is it? The thing is – I don’t know the answer to that question.

Today, I find myself wondering who does. Writing certainly does take a heaping heart full of stamina. Well, and the capacity for boldness, restraint when it’s called for, and a whole lot of mettle.  As writers, we know this. But what they don’t tell ya when you first pick up a pen to write your story, is that you’ll more than likely experience more than your share of heartache, leaving you with – and to steal a most famous line – the audacity of hope.

This past Saturday, April 28th, was a birthday of note. Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Harper Lee, turned 86. Her novel, “To Kill A Mockingbird” is not only my all-time favorite but it remains for me after all these years, a beacon of hope…yes, but more so, of faith; the belief in myself that I can achieve in my writing, what I long for in my dreams – To make a difference and to be heard. 

Nelle Harper Lee is, no doubt, a tough act to follow. What set her "coming-of-age" story apart from the rest was that it didn't end with her characters, Scout or Jem, Atticus or Boo Radley. She had something spectacular to say, and boy did she say it; dropping out of law school, devoting eight years of her life to finishing the story inside of her. 

I guess in the end, that is the answer to my question. Do I have what it takes to drag my story out of me, kicking and screaming like the child that it is? It's soul-stirring questions like these that my great grandfather's words come back to me, gently nudging me forward, with a boot in my rear! 

"Whatever it takes, I happen to have it!"
~ Grandpa Willie Ball 

Now, that's some mettle I'd like to wrap my brain around!

Peace My Friends!

“The best way out is always through.”
~ Robert Frost


  1. Ain't it the Truth, with a capitol "T"! I have two well-worn, often read copies of "The Courage to Create" and "The Courage to Write." Ultimately, it is a leap of faith, is it not? But not just once, ah if only it were that easy! It's a leap we must make every time we face that blank page or screen.

    Gees. Why the heck are we doing this again?? Ah yes. Thank you, Scarlett, for the reminder. That "beacon of hope" and a chance to be heard and make that difference that we so desire.

    Beautifully written post, Scarlett. Love your great grandfather's quote. Hope all is well with you. xo

    1. That rhymes with "P", and that stands for Pool! Oh, we got trouble! Right here in River City!

      Two more book suggestions I must follow up on! And yes, faith in myself does seem to be the key. My mom suggested to me years ago, that perhaps it was in the succeeding that I was most afraid of. It took me years to realize she was right. Old habits are indeed hard to break... But not impossible.

      All are well here, IK! Our rainy morning at the dentist turned into a beautifully sunny day at home resting. The birds are singing, the ground is too wet to work and so I'm off to succeed on writing a word or two! Who's to say they'll make the final cut. But they will be written.

    2. Excellent! That's the spirit! Hope your day is productive and satisfying, Scarlett xo

      P.S. I believe fear of success is much more difficult to work through than fear of failure. Especially the further along our journey we manage to progress. Yeah, it's a bugaboo for me, too. *g*

    3. You make me smile, IK.


  2. I am embarrassed to say I have never read "To Kill a Mockingbird" and I really want to!

    1. I think it's poetic, Elizabeth. Just beautiful from the eyes of a six year old. It's NEVER too late to pick up the classics! So many I'd still like to read.

      And confession... I haven't read *half* of Jane Austen's books. Finally READ "Pride & Prejudice", instead of relying on the movie! Big difference there. Huge!