Thursday, April 19, 2012


... and you will be heard.

Love! and Peace.

~ Sexual Assault Awareness Month ~


  1. I used to work with teens as a social worker. The effects of abuse run deep. So sad.

  2. I think what's really sad is when the people closest completely miss it. :(

  3. When the spirit is injured, it is life altering.

    I think it oftentimes takes those outside of family to recognize and/or accept the signs of abuse. Especially sexual assault. Some 68% of children are abused by a family member. Onset of depression, resulting often in drug and alcohol abuse and promiscuity are often signs of sexual harassment and assault.

    It's complicated.

    I think human beings, especially those in the position to help, want to believe that it just isn't happening, because it opens themselves up to feelings they simply are not prepared to deal with.

    It is so important for our school systems to implement programs, not just in our high schools, but also in our grade schools.

    ("Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe is a newly developed, school-based, child abuse prevention education program that focuses on child safety. It is an evolution of Good Touch Bad Touch.

    The model for Speak Up Be Safe is based on several areas of research including child development, learning styles, social psychology, and child abuse and neglect prevention. It is written to promote broad student participation and critical reflection by engaging children participants in visual, auditory, and physical learning.")

    Thank you both for stopping in to comment.

  4. Education, and not just in schools, is the most important tool to help victims, as well as their family and friends. Knowing that sexual assault is less about sex and far more about violence, goes a long way in helping victims step forward.

    Unfortunately, I believe that we still think of it as sex first and abuse or violence second. Shame is tangled into the physical pain and anger, and after the physical pain fades, the shame grows. And of course, it's the shame that holds people captive and unable to speak up.

    Thank you for posting this, Scarlett. The more awareness, the better for everyone. xo

    1. "Shame is tangled into the physical pain and anger, and after the physical pain fades, the shame grows."

      You are SO right, IK.

      I find this Showtime movie, "Speak" to be a great start in educating, particularly young teens. The family dynamic, I thought, was the stereotype of the nuclear family and very well done, in the example of date rape that is.

    2. The Showtime movie was excellent. I meant to say that after watching part 1 on your blog, I went to YouTube and watched the rest!

    3. Yeah, I didn't think to include the other links until today after Mike's comment about watching the rest. Almost got drawn back into the story again! There now. (:

  5. Great post...interesting story. I want to see the rest! Thanks Scarlett!

    1. This Showtime special was really well done, I thought. I haven't linked to the rest, thinking if anyone was interested in the rest of the story they would find it on youtube.

      Thinking now, that's too much work. *wink*

      I'll add them in. (: