Hi and Howdy!

“I am certain of nothing
but the holiness
of the heart’s affections,
and the truth of imagination.”

I love.
I listen.
I write. 

My greatest accomplishment
was the moment I found my voice.

I am forty-something.
I am moved to tears, now more than ever.
I am Happy.

I love to write.
I also love indie and old timey music,
singing and playing music with my family,
seeking out a tune on my grandpa’s fiddle,
and watching as our kids follow suit.

 I am a bona fide nut for
Diana Gabaldon's, 
'Outlander' series.

I love a good movie.
I'm a sucker for a great musical.
The Sound of Music made me a better mother.
Moulin Rouge made me a better lover.
The Music Man taught me to sing with a lisp.

I grow oddly attached when I find a good pen.
I love the smell of farm and home stores.
I love to camp.
Four leaf clovers... find me.
I can touch my nose with my tongue.
I am a Gemini.
I make wishes on shooting stars, wishbones and dandelions.
Tickle my feet, and I swear to god, I will follow you home.

I am infatuated with the Moon.
I am deeply moved by the ocean.
I itch to see the mountains again, breathe in the smell of pine, and I dream of waking up every morning and gazing out of my window at inspiration embodied!

I have brown hair, blue eyes, and apparently, I smile a lot.
I live in my blue jeans.
And, I cuss like a sailor...
in the real world.

 I crave seafood.
I adore a warm slice of homemade bread with butter.
I covet a home cooked meal.
I do not particularly like ice cream, chocolate, or popcorn…
except those rare moments when I do.

My spirit overflows when I...

Hear a snapped green bean hit the inside of the bowl at my feet, on my front porch.
Work in our small barn with our horses.
Collect perfect brown eggs from our chickens.
Tend to the flowers and trees on our place.
Can preserves and beans and tomatoes from our garden.

And when I...

First lay eyes on my *Home* in Kentucky.
Sit on our bench and watch the sun set with my sweetheart.
Talk and sing around a campfire with our kids, family and friends.
Write a letter.

I find comfort in close personal relationships.
My family and My friends are the light in my life.

I have three spectacular teenagers,
and a loving, supportive, talented and funny husband.
I also have a small tattoo on my left foot, just below my pinkie toe.
A tribal sun to remind me,
“Life is Good. Do What You Like. Like What You Do.”

I want to teach my children…
 Love is abundant,
Laughter is a blessing,
An Open Mind is a beautiful thing
Personal Integrity will lead you to Happiness.

What I like for breakfast?
Well, eggs florentine with toast and jam is pretty yummy on a Sunday morning.
A fruit smoothie helps me think when I write.
Grits with maple syrup reminds me of home.
Cold pizza from the night before hits the spot anytime!
A warm, glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut will practically bring tears to my eyes!

I am Scarlett.


  1. I'm so glad to be here. You like my voice? Wow, I am flattered! Yours has such poetry to it. And it's funny, you can just tell...I never walk in the grass barefoot, and you probably always do, but what fabulous friends we will be!

  2. Elizabeth! *g*

    ~ Elizabeth...meet...feet ~
    ~ Feet...meet...Elizabeth ~

    "Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair."
    ~Kahil Gibran

    I am barefooted more than I am not, I think. I so look forward to a long and beautiful friendship, as well!