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Snow on the Moon

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A story of love, loss and hidden truths. 

“…perhaps it was for the best, perhaps not,” she answered, “but now it seems it was going to happen regardless. It’s what brought us here, now – together in this time and this place.”

Ellie Snow has done the unimaginable. She’s left the only home she has ever known, and a father who adores her, to know for the first time what it feels like, to set out on her own and to be free to make her own mistakes. What begins as a young woman’s pursuit of self, and what appears to be the insurmountable task of discovering her own path, turns to her desperate search for the truth.  

Setting out on a cross-country road trip with her best friend, Delilah, the two are soon faced with the task of simply reaching their destination safe and sound. But, Ellie is plagued with the return of childhood premonitions and the uneasy feeling that she is being watched. If she is to find the answers to her questions, she knows now, she must expect the impossible.

Copyright © 2012, Scarlett C. Stokes


  1. Now THIS looks promising. I have to say that I am extremely intrigued. I'm not a fan of teasing so I'm wondering if there will be more? You are such a talented story teller Scarlett. Good luck with this! Please keep us updated. Your words ache to be heard. I'm grateful to oblige them.

  2. Well, as my biggest fan, you know how much I like to set up a good story!ヅ

    Words ARE coming ~ So, hunker down and hold onto your britches!


  3. Hunkering...check. Holding britches...check. Bring it on!

  4. Hey, I just stumbled upon this!! Where's the rest of it? I want MORE!!

    1. *Big Smile*

      It is most definitely coming! More like a pony's wagon than a freight train, but IT IS COMING.