*Just For Fun!*

~Our View of the World~

“Just for fun” 
is an expression I use a lot 
around this place. 

A small farm 
takes a lot of work 
to keep it running *smooth enough*.
and ponies,
 the occasional 
lizard, rat, turtle, hamster, bird or hermit crab
...and kids,
make our little piece of the world go round!

Let's say, just for fun...
there is an awful lot of poo 
to deal with round these parts,
and *Something* always needs fixin'!

~ A barn, a tractor,  a chicken,
a kid's car sitting in the driveway for days on end,
a runny nose,
a broken bone,
a wounded heart.

Let's swap stories, Just For Fun.
I'll start.

Hey, kids! Just For Fun,
Let’s YOU make a path through your bedrooms today,
so I can feel a sense of accomplishment…
even if it’s not my own. “

“Hey, Babe! Just For Fun,
Let’s go get ourselves a horse.
I mean, they can't eat THAT much.”

Dead Things Growing Where a Garden Once Thrived!
Just For Fun,
let’s say you get ready,
‘cause come Spring,
I’m gonna work the crap outta You!

“Hey, My Barefoot Ladies!
It's called, an Egg!
Unless you want to see the inside of my stew pot,
how ‘bout you girls show a little appreciation
for that sweet hay,
and that nice comfy pine bedding,
and that heat lamp I got ‘ya,
Just For Fun!”
(Sorry about that stew pot remark, girls.)

“Hey, You there.”
(Points finger at self)
“Yeah, You.”

“Let’s see what happens
when you get busy believing in yourself
and your dreams,
and finish that thing you call, a book.
Just For Fun.”

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