Wednesday, February 15, 2012

*I Cook Barefooted!* ~ Cheeseburgers In Paradise

Barefoot Love!

You know the honeymoon is over when
 supper turns into a sporting event...
you’ve stuffed a quarter pound of meat into your gullet,
mouthed your fingers like they were the dessert,
belched loud enough that the neighbors ran for cover,
then turned unwittingly to your partner in life
and had them say,
“For god sakes woman, clean yourself up!”


Cheeseburgers In Paradise
1 cup sweet onion
½ cup saltines, crushed
1 egg
1 jalapeno, minced
1 envelope ranch dressing mix
1 Tbsp. Worcestershire
2 Tbsp. garlic, minced
1 tsp. pepper
2 lbs beef
1 ½ cups shredded cheddar
1 small pkg. mushrooms
3 Tbsp. cream cheese
6 Kaiser rolls

Combine first 8 ingredients.
Crumble beef over top and mix well.
Shape into patties (Half for tops ~ Half for bottoms).
Combine cheddar, mushrooms and sour cream. 
Spoon over centers of patties.
Top with remaining patties.
Press edges to seal.
Grill over medium heat 5-7 minutes.
(We seared ours on a griddle till slightly blackened on one side, flipped the burgers and did the same on the other side. Best when cooked med-rare.)

You want reviews?
    How 'bout, 
"I like mine with lettuce and tomato,
Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes,
big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer,
well good god almighty which way do I steer for my... 
Cheeseburger In Paradise!" 
~ Beach Bum Extraordinaire Jimmy Buffet ~

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“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions.
All life is an experiment.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Matthew! They Are Awesome! Really.

    I'm not a huge carnivore, but this is, by far, the best homemade cheeseburger I've ever eaten!

  2. I am the complete opposite of a domestic goddess. I don't cook at all. I'm sure my significant other wishes I did. I'm sure he'd love the cheeseburger in paradise recipe.

  3. I like a good burger now and then. Of course my teen thinks they're the absolute best thing.

    I'll have to try this. :-)


  4. M.J., I laughed out loud! (I) am no domestic goddess. Trust me. As a matter of fact, the jalapenos kind of threw me off when I first found this recipe! I mean, I *think* I know you're not supposed to touch your face when you handle hot peppers, right?

    I just told my husband last night, while watching the movie, "The Trip" on Netflix (Funny, and slightly depressing), "Someday, before I die, I want to travel somewhere exotic (I'm thinking Europe, not the next town over!), eat in a fancy restaurant that actually employs A Chef, and savor all of those fantasmic recipes out there! I would have loved a career as a Foodie!

  5. Sia, let me know how it comes out for ya! So good. So, so good!

  6. The only kind of cooking I excel at is the kind where I can stick something in a crock pot and leave it for six hours. But those cheeseburgers sound good.

  7. Heh heh! L.G., I imagine these ingredients might still be pretty tasty thrown into a crock and poured over noodles! I've got some delicious crock pot recipes coming soon on 'I Cook Barefooted!'

  8. Now I have to get my drool bucket! Can’t wait to try this recipe. And the honeymoon may be over, but it sounds like the fun is still going strong. :)

  9. Oh, Intricate Knot, the fun is just gettin' started!

    I checked out your website tonight. LOVE IT. Your stories are poetic. And I see now where your pen name comes from.

    I too, prefer Icebergs over thin ice. I too, believe there can be no light without darkness. And, I too believe in Tarryfails!

    Beautiful beginning to your site.
    Unique spin on Greeting Cards!

    PS: You'll need a napkin.

  10. Kathy, if ya like cheeseburgers, you'll love these! They're a mess in the hands, as is evidenced by my husband's reaction, but still quite Awesome!

  11. Scarlett, you're sweet, and you've a scrumptious blog. Thanks so much for finding me and following. I'm glad to reciprocate.
    PS The recipe has me salivating.

  12. Thanks, Robyn! I am STILL trying to get to all of the Origins today! More just keep popping up that I haven't seen.

    PS: You mentioning the cheeseburgers has my gut making noises. We could form a cheeseburger in paradise garage band!

  13. Though I'm not a big fan of hamburgers ( my kids say I'm unamerican) I love your preparation routine! I'll still hold on to the recipe for when my boys are back in town. You make cooking fun! Julie

  14. Thanks, Julie! I do try a wee bit.

    Some think I'm un-American because I don't like ice cream, popcorn... and oooh, chocolate(well, except on the rare occasion that I do)! I think they consider that as just plain crazy! *g*

  15. Hey! It's the Dandy Lioness from Chai Tea and Quills, and I just wanted to let you know that my most recent post was inspired by your velociraptor question. :)


  16. Sophia! You're an Awesome Sharer of The Love! Thank you! Glad I could be of service. *G*

  17. "Barefooted" "Cheeseburgers" "Paradise" how wonderful!

  18. Oh... WOW. I must make these, like, now. I've been craving a juicy burger!

  19. Yummy, sounds delish! I tagged you over at my blog. :)

  20. Thanks, Aguilar. You're right! Individually they're Fantastic.
    Together ~ Simply Awe-Some.

    Julie! Let me know how they come out! I'm hoping SOMEBODY loves them like I do!

    Thanks, Jessica! That's a first for me. I'll take a look-see. *g*