Monday, March 5, 2012

*Life is in the journey!* ~ Happiness

  Life's Inspirational Valiant Endeavors
~ Happiness ~

I'm not sure when, exactly, it happened. Somewhere along the way reality and practicality replaced my childhood dreams and fantasies. When I was young dreaming came easy. Mine was a long list, waxing and waning with my every childish whim. There was always time for dreams. There were no preconceptions of who would hand over the rent, feed the kids, or take care of me when I grew old. Growing *that* old was never part of the dream. It was a simpler time then. I would be indefinitely frozen, most likely in a twenty-something year old's body, and never wanting for anything. 

I liked wrapping my stuffed animal's heads and legs and tails in gauze, pretending they were sick. I wanted a horse of my own to know freedom. I hurt when we had to give away our farm dog because we lived in an apartment, and when our cat grew sick with cancer. I wanted to save all animals who were sick, or lonely like me. I would be a vet.

I was entranced by what lurked beneath the waves of the ocean and what peace lay hidden in its darkest depths. I longed for adventure on the Serengeti plains. I could wear khakis, and spend my days in the dirt with a toothbrush unearthing dinosaur bones and Egyptian tombs in the desert. I wanted to save something; even if it was just our history. I would be an oceanographer or a game warden or an archeologist. 

I wished I could ease the pain of others. Those wounds that often go unnoticed on children's faces, in their eyes, on their hearts. The heartbreaking, soul-jarring pain that we all carry through life, but sometimes... just sometimes we can't seem to let go of. I wanted to save those who were having trouble saving themselves. I would be a counselor.

I wanted to share all of my dreams, my fears, and my realities through stories. Because everyone can relate to a good story, and EVERYONE knows what it means to long for adventure. Words helped to raise my voice. They became my friends. I wanted to teach others that we are limited in our dreams, only by our imagination, so... I would be a writer.

I found my way, eventually. Though my dreams took me to places, honestly, where I never thought they would. I never did make it to vet school, or to the bottom of the ocean, or to the Serengeti. And I can't say that I've ever set up my own psychiatry booth on the side of the road. But somehow, and I can't say when, I found Happiness anyway.

Charles M. Schulz

Today, I'm thinking less about my dreams and more about our kids' dreams. So much for never growing *that* old. What do *they* want to be when they grow up? And when, if it hasn't already happened, will they begin to trade in their dreams and fantasies for reality and practicalities? Our oldest child graduates from high school this spring. He's off to save the world... or conquer it. And all I can think is... I hope he knows Happiness wherever he goes. Whether he falls into it or hunts it down with every breath in his body and soul, I hope he is Happy.

I believe in Happy. 

 Be Happy My Friends!

"The best way out is always through."
~ Robert Frost


  1. One thing I've learned. Happiness is an inside job. It's not a *thing* you find, it doesn't hinge on what you have or don't. It's a by product of who you are inside and how you see and operate within your world.

    Dreaming about things and seeing yourself doing those things keep you striving forward. Keeps your mind fresh and open to experiences and to see paths to get you from point A to point B. When you stop having dreams, you die inside. Might take awhile for your body to catch up.

    Lovely video. We do have power within ourselves to be what we want.


    1. Well said, Sia!

      I suspect our *journey* through Life is really all about coming to this realization. We learn early that Happiness must surely be found outside of ourselves, in the career we fall into, or the partner we choose, or the material things in this world that we think we *need*. For some, waking from this nightmare is a lifelong process. It seems regardless, no matter who you are, it is an eternal struggle of finding a good, healthy balance.

  2. My oldest is graduating this spring too. It's such a bittersweet time.

    1. Tiny bit. *g*

      His senior picture is staring at me as I write this, Elizabeth! The one that didn't make the living room wall, but melted my heart with the manly grin. And all I can think of, outside of his happiness of course, is I want him to survive what Life is bound to throw at him. That is all I ask. Not too much, right?

  3. As my children set off on their journeys (big and small) I realize how much I want happiness for them. Not money, fortune and fame. Just happiness and the ability to hold on until they get it!

    1. I'm there with you, Johanna!

      I think my greatest fear (outside of my own suffering of course) is that my kids will suffer. There's really no way around that though. It is what makes us grow after all. I remind myself daily that pain and suffering, physical or emotional, is often a force for some good. It's often what pushes us to change... And CHANGE is something we all need sometimes.

  4. Happy....what a beautiful thing to believe in

  5. What a beautiful and inspiring post. It's true that our dreams in childhood are often more plentiful. Hopefully we can still dream as adults! Dreaming and achieving dreams is an important part of happiness.

    1. Hi, Shallee *waves*

      I agree! I can't imagine a life without dreams. I'm reminded of one of my favorite quotes...

      "We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about." ~Charles Kingsley

      So glad you stopped in today! Thanks! Was SO very impressed, reading your post, by your courage in crossing that river of ants! I know it must have been NO small feat to conquer your fears! So, SO glad they did not, in fact, eat you alive! I like your energy!

  6. Gosh, Scarlett, you sure do write pretty. What a lovely, thoughtful post.

    Aww, we would have such fun together as children, bandaging up our stuffed animals together. And maybe you don’t have a “psychiatry booth on the side of the road,” but I bet you help people all the time. Isn’t a blog a sort “psychiatry booth”?

    Yay for you! You have definitely found your way. Hard fought, and doesn’t that make it all the sweeter?

    I know what you mean about wanting our children to be happy. It’s all I wish for my son. I believe in Happy, too.

    Love the video. Excellent affirmations and positive goodness. I believe that we create our reality. Thanks for the boost, Scarlett. You are fab. xo

    1. How YOU doin'? Still riding the storm? Or have you calmed the beast for now? *g*

      I've been told I should hang a shingle out on my front stoop to advertise my listening skills. I find it's often what people *don't* say that could use an ear.

      My dreams came true after all, I guess. I just don't get paid cash for all of my mad skills! Our small farm and all of these damn kids keep me busy livin' the dream. *G*

      You're right, the journey has been difficult at times. Aren't they all! In *this* place, with *this* perspective, it does feel sweeter knowing I'm working through it. We really can do no better than that, I think.

      I'm so glad you liked the video as much as I do! Wonderful message, I think. My heart breaks for the souls in this world who struggle for basic human rights. I wish I could save them all from the pain. It is that perspective that I always try to hold onto when I'm feeling sorry for myself in *my* journey.

      I could have used a childhood friend like you! I have a feeling you would have been a keeper. ((hug))

    2. Yep, I'm still riding the storm and I think my riding skills are improving.

      It's almost always what people don't say, isn't it? You are indeed a good listener to know that one, Scarlett.

      I'm the same, keeping perspective (and maintaining humor) is important regardless of whatever pickle I manage to work my way into! Good for you! It would be wonderful to be able to save everyone, but I do believe there is a design in the madness. That belief keeps me going! Hugs right back to you xo