Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joy! It's complicated.

Joy is found in the little things. Is that true? ‘Cause I would like my JOY in the form of a Krispy Kreme doughnut, please. Smothered in a sugary glaze. And just off the line warm. I understand this request is only temporary joy, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth – especially if it comes with a glass of milk.

Finding JOY is, something akin to, Yukon Cornelius taming his Bumble. Sometimes you just have to wrastle (yes, I said wrastle, auto-correct) this Life into submission, knocking out those sharp teeth, that would just as soon eat you as greet you. If you’ll recall, Bumbles are BIG, not little. There was great JOY, if not an eerie sense of merriment, to be found in that raging, toothless, fluff of white – after our perky little prospector helped him out with his anger problem. “Didn’t I ever tell you? Bumbles bounce!”

Sometimes, I feel like a Bumble.
Finding the Joy in that?
Well, it’s complicated.

Joy is found in the little things.
It’s in that extra few seconds of sleep you begged God for this morning.
It’s in that moment of terror when you found the mouse in the toe of your boot.
It’s in the humor you found today, that escaped you yesterday.
It’s in a friendly wave and a nod from your neighbor, and that unexpected phone call from a friend.
It’s in the smack warm hug you witnessed between two brothers.
It's in your kids and every last bone-headed thing they do.
It's in a song. Not just any song. But, Your song.
It's in the spelling of your name, with your butt, to hear the birthday girl laugh.
It’s in the look you shared with your husband when he danced in his underwear.
It’s in the funny bone you hit on the corner of the shower this morning.
It’s in that look the dog gave you when she caught you drinking from the carton.
It’s in every last twinkly light and handmade ornament hanging from your tree.
It’s in that cup you're drinking out of now. You know, the one that says, JOY, on it!

It is in our desperate search for Serenity, Courage and Wisdom in our lives.
And, It is in all of those things we forget to look for when our eyes are looking down.

Is inside of You. 
May you Find It and Wield It with Reckless Abandon!

                                                             The Joy of Tree!

                                                     The Joy of Baby Love!


  1. You're absolutely right. Joy is in the simple pleasures and the tender mercies. :) I love this post! Thanks for reminding me to be joyful today!

  2. Such inspiring words today, thank you for spreading the joy.
    Catherine Denton

  3. ~Simple pleasures and tender mercies~

    I like that, Amy! Thank you for coming by! Joy to You!


  4. Catherine, you are inspiration. I love your spirit! Thanks for stopping in to see what the Joy was all about!

  5. A joyous list, indeed! I've never had a Krispy Kreme, but have heard lots about them and would love to try one some day :)

  6. Hi, Joanne! (:

    In my world, there are two kinds of donuts ~ Krispy Kreme and All The Rest!

    To be fair, Brits Donuts on North Carolina's, Carolina Beach boardwalk are a close second! For a smattering of cash you are handed a paper bag with lovely, fresh out of the grease goodness at the bottom!

    That thing called Chocolate is pretty good, I guess. But give me a Krispy Kreme doughnut and I'll be your best friend.

  7. Hello Scarlett. What an inspiring post. It's so good to be thankful for the little things then the big things will fall into place.

    The Linky is up on RomanticFridayWriters if you have some sparkle for us. I've answered your query there in comments.

    Merry Christmas!


  8. You're right about that, Denise. It seems when we have our heads on straight, in the little things department, we're not as weighed down when we're faced with the bigger problems that come along in life.